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Re: [ogl-sample] How to get started?

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Subject: Re: [ogl-sample] How to get started?
From: Dave Shreiner <shreiner@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 13:11:40 -0700 (PDT)
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Kendall Bennett writes:
> I am now back into the project of trying to get the SGI sample 
> implementation to build for our projects, which is non-Linux and non-
> X11 based. Hence I am about to sync up via CVS to the latest sources, 
> and I need to figure out how to generate the public header files as 
> part of the build process.

   Good.  The CVS tree is more up-to-date than the tarball (which will
soon be remedied).

> You mentioned above that you were converting the header file 
> generation stuff to pure perl instead of perl/awk. Is this done yet?

   Not quite.

> Alternatively I can sync all this stuff onto a Linux box and do a 
> build there. Instead of doing a full build of everything, is it 
> possible just to build the public header files on a Linux box? Any 
> pointers on where to start doing this?

   Yes.  After you define the necessary environment variables
(i.e. ROOT, TOPDIR, XTOPDIR [if you need GLX for some reason], GLPRODUCT
[which should equal "DDX"] ... I think that's it) to the appropriate
directories, then all you would need to do is:

   make tools_install    # install the necessary Makefile bits in $ROOT
   cd main/gfx/include
   make install          # create hdrs and install in $ROOT/usr/include/GL

   That should do the trick for getting the necessary headers.  Let us
know if you run into problems.



   Dave Shreiner                                   <shreiner@xxxxxxx>
   Silicon Graphics, Inc.                            (650) 933-4899

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