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Re: [ogl-sample] SGI SI GLU integration

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Subject: Re: [ogl-sample] SGI SI GLU integration
From: Olivier Michel <Olivier.Michel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 09:54:24 +0200
Organization: Cyberbotics Ltd.
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Thanks to Brian, I checked out and build the lastest CVS version.
It turns out that the GLU library is now properly built so that C++
symbols are now defined (i.e., I could like libGLU.so with simple C

However, except for the problems with the glu.h include file which are
not yet fixed in the CVS, I discovered another problem that didn't exist
in the tarball version:

libGLU.so needs a couple of symbols that belongs to SGI libGL.so (I
guess) and are not present in Mesa libGL.so. These symbols are:

__glNURBSErrorString and __glTessErrorString

They are used at the end of main/gfx/lib/glu/libutil/error.c and defined
as external in gluint.h (in the same directory as error.c)

I guess GLU should not assume that such symbols are defined in libGL.so
and I think that the corresponding functions should be moved from SGI GL
into SGI GLU -> __gluNURBSErrorString and __gluTessErrorString

I had to comment out these two calls to get SGI libGLU.so link with Mesa

We are getting closer...


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