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[ogl-sample] Future notes

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Subject: [ogl-sample] Future notes
From: "Daniel Richard G." <skunk@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 20:59:44 -0700
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Hello everyone,

I'm an intern, working in SGI's OpenGL group this summer. My job is to
make good things happen with the Sample Implementation. I'll be active on
this list, at least once I get up to speed on how everything works :-)

Among the first things I'll work on:

* The SI really needs a better build system. The current mode of setting
environment variables and using GNU Make is kind of grotty, and not very
portable. I'm thinking of migrating things over to autoconf and automake,
to make things easier for everyone. The Imake stuff would remain, and of
course building in the X tree will still be possible as now.

Among other benefits, things like GLDEBUG and XTOPDIR would become
configure script flags, and file-building/moving operations (e.g.
exporting to the X tree) can be automated with minimal fuss.

If anyone has thoughts on this, please send 'em in. This would involve a
fair number of changes, and I want to make sure most of you want it.

* I'll also be taking a whack at integrating the FBConfig/Pbuffer stuff
(from the IRIXsoft GLX1.3 tree), so watch for activity in that area. If
anyone has a really good grasp on that part of the tree, and would like to
help this along, let me know!

Serving SGI and the open source community,


Daniel Richard G.
SiliconGraphics - OpenGL Group

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