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RE: [ogl-sample] Having trouble building libglut.a on Irix 6.5

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Subject: RE: [ogl-sample] Having trouble building libglut.a on Irix 6.5
From: Kathleen Langone <kathleen.langone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 15:46:05 -0400
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I did finally get things to build - I got things to work w/ using the
-DNO_FAST_ATOMS switch...

I was able to build the glut, rgb, font and tk library, but not aux, widget, 
isfast and pdb. 

I am using the gcc compiler which might have some bearing on the situation. 

Most of the demos just seem to need the first 4 libraries listed.

If I run into any more "critical" problems - I'll post more in ogl-sample.

thanks for your reply!!!!!!!!!!

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Sent:   Friday, May 05, 2000 3:17 PM
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Subject:        Re: [ogl-sample] Having trouble building libglut.a on Irix 6.5

Hi Kathleen,

   Sorry for the delay.  Been away from the mail list for a while.

> I've installed all the various OpenGL bits 'n pieces(sources, .h
> files, etc) from the 6.5 CDs.

> I'm getting this error from the makefile in:
> /usr/share/src/OpenGL/toolkits/libglut

> /usr/include/X11/SGIFastAtom.h:183: unterminated string or character constant

   Here's what's in my SGIFastAtom.h file (with linenumbers).

167  #if 0 /* COMMENT */
169  To portably use fast atoms in X your code, put this in your #include 
171  #include <X11/Xatom.h>  /* This defines _SGI_EXTRA_PREDEFINES if fast 
atoms are supported. */
173  #include <X11/SGIFastAtom.h>
174  #else
175  #define XSGIFastInternAtom(dpy,string,fast_name,how) 
176  #endif
178  Then, where you would normally use XInternAtom or XmInternAtom, use:
180    atom = XSGIFastInternAtom(dpy, "WM_DELETE_WINDOW", 
182  This lets your X source code using fast atoms work when compiled on X
183  implementations that lack SGI's fast atoms optimizations.
185  #endif /* END COMMENT */

   Is the "#if 0" in your header?  This file hasn't changed in quite
a while, so its probably not the rev of Irix.

> Also I read somewhere that there's a switch LCDEDFS = -DNO_FAST_ATOMS
> which I tried also - but that made no difference.

   I'm sure its a typo, but its "LCDEFS = ...".

   If its still a problem, can you provide any more info?



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   Silicon Graphics, Inc.                            (650) 933-4899

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