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Re: [ogl-sample] Building SI

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Subject: Re: [ogl-sample] Building SI
From: "Vlad Sharanhovich" <Vlad.Sharanhovich@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 10:29:11 +0200
Organization: Philips Research
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Hello, Dave!

>    Could you please provide a bit of information about your environment:
>    - which XFree86 version are you working with?
>    - which version/distrubtion of Linux are you using

I'm using XFree86 3.3.5 and Red Hat Linux 6.2.

>    Could you include the errors?  When I compile on my 6.1 Red Hat, I
> see a few warnings about casting away const-ness, but that's it.

As I found, all problems come from mistake in the GNUMakefile and because the 
Imakefile not exist. Below is a list:

1. In OGL-Sample, main\gfx\lib\opengl\GNUMakefile

< ECHO = /bin/echo
> ECHO = /bin/echo -e

Option -e used to allows "echo" command process input string like printf. If 
don't include -e, that this GNUMakefile will create wrong GNUMakefiles in 
directory (for instance) \drivers\DDX.O

  $(ECHO) 'include $(GFXDIR)/defs/ALL.defs\n' >> $(GENMK)
If use "echo" 'include $(GFXDIR)/defs/ALL.defs\n' that we'll get exactly 
'include $(GFXDIR)/defs/ALL.defs\n' string on output, but ECHO defined as "echo 
-e" than we'll get 'include $(GFXDIR)/defs/ALL.defs' + new string char.

2. Next problem: xc\programs\XServer\GL\opengl\Imakefile not exist.
After "make World" and "make distsi" I've got SI tree, but in 
xc\programs\XServer\GL\opengl there is no Imakefile! so, when you are compiling 
xc, make doesn't create "libGLcore.a"! Out.
I'm trying to use Imakefile from GLX, so last time I've made it running.

3. Can't compile samples xc\contib\GL
Also I can't compile samples as it described in build_xfree86 file. But, no 
problem, I compiled it. Next, when you a running samples to test OGL all colors 
a changing!

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