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[ogl-sample] Future of the SI?

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Subject: [ogl-sample] Future of the SI?
From: "Kendall Bennett" <KendallB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 13:22:33 -0800
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Hi Guys,

I am curious if there is any news on whether the optimised software 
rasterisation stuff from SGI OpenGL for Windows will be added to the 
SI? Or news on whether the optimised geometry stuff fom OpenGL for 
Windows and/or the SGI DDK will be added to the SI?

We are interested in using the SI for our project, but so far find it 
not very compelling compared to Mesa for the following reasons:

 1. Mesa has lots of optimised x86 assembler, 3DNow assembler and SSE 
    assembler for geometry and lighting.
 2. Mesa has reasonable software rendering performance.
 3. Mesa has a well defined device driver model (could use some work, 
    but it is functional and reasonably efficient).

Items 1 and 2 would be solved by the inclusion of the OpenGL for 
Windows optimised code, which I believe did include some 3DNow 
support in the last few versions (or maybe I am thinking of the 
OpenGL DDK stuff). There is also the optimised MMX assembler 
rasterisation code for software rendering that would be very useful 
for the OpenGL SI community (printing for instance would benefit from 
optimised software rendering).

Item 3 is something I am not very familiar with internally in the SI, 
and I have not had a chance to dig into it recently. From what I have 
heard, converting the SI to work with hardware is quite a significant 
amount of work. Is that true? Are their plans to develope a better 
device driver layer for the OpenGL SI (perhaps based on the SGI 
OpenGL DDK)?


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