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RE: [ogl-sample] Problems Building Xfree86 using Quick Recipe

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Subject: RE: [ogl-sample] Problems Building Xfree86 using Quick Recipe
From: Andrea Wadell <awadell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 13:09:19 -0500
Organization: Foliage Software Systems, Inc.
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Hi, all,
  I also got the "incomplete type errors" and found that in 
.../GL/opengl/g_disp.h, there is

    #if defined(_LANGUAGE_C) || defined(__cplusplus) 

  around the  declaration of   struct __GLdispatchTableRec.  

This "if defined" must have been evaluated to FALSE, since when I took it out, 
I lost those incomplete type
errors (since now it was declaring the struct).  

I then had to modify g_noptable.c to take out a lot of (void *) since the 
compiler was complaining that it was not ANSI
permissible to set a function pointer to a (void *).

Then, I got link errors, which I got rid of by modifying s_global.c.  A similar 
thing to above:

   #if defined(unix) 

was blocking the definition of 

         __GLcontext *__gc = NULL;

When I took this out, the link errors went away and I did get a build of the 
However!!!!  I haven't done anything with it like install it or run it - so 
maybe it still isn't right...

It seems that unix and _LANGUAGE_C are not defined and should be.  Probably 
it's better to define them than
to just remove the #ifdefs, and I will probably go back and do it that way...

Hope this is helpful.

Andrea Wadell

-----Original Message-----
From:   Fred Hantelmann [SMTP:Fred.Hantelmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:   Friday, February 18, 2000 6:35 AM
To:     ogl-sample@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        [ogl-sample] Problems Building Xfree86 using Quick Recipe

Platform: RedHat 6.1, egcs-2.91.66

After ignoring the missing file messages from gmake distsi, I built the
missing Makefile in $XTOPDIR/xc/programs/Xserver/GL/opengl by hand and
get rather impressive compile errors:

In file included from global.h:40,
                 from ddxcx.h:61,
                 from ddxci.c:39:
context.h:410: field `listCompState' has incomplete type
context.h:412: field `currentDispatchState' has incomplete type
context.h:413: field `savedDispatchState' has incomplete type

The identifiers shown above are declared as follows:

    __GLdispatchState *dispatchState;
    __GLdispatchState listCompState;
    __GLdispatchState *listCompExecState;
    __GLdispatchState currentDispatchState;
    __GLdispatchState savedDispatchState;

(hmm, is this a compiler bug?)
Later on, lots of errors occur like

g_lexec.c: In function `__glle_ListBase':
g_lexec.c:74: request for member `dispatch' in something not a structure or

>From this experience, I would like to know if anyone got the X-Server compiled
and/or what compiler version may do the job.

Any help will be appreciated,

- Dr. Fred Hantelmann              -
- Fred.Hantelmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -

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