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[ogl-sample] How to get started?

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Subject: [ogl-sample] How to get started?
From: "Kendall Bennett" <KendallB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 02:09:25 -0800
Organization: SciTech Software, Inc.
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Hi Guys,

I am interesting in getting the new Open Source OpenGL sample 
implementation to compile in our development environment. I have 
synced up with the latest files via CVS, however I am having a hard 
time figuring out where to start. Since I won't be builing this under 
Linux or for X11, I need to build my own makefiles etc. I plan to 
build this with Watcom C++ for Win32 initially, using our own 
makefile stuff.

I guess the first place I could start would be with the GLU 
libraries, since those are relatively simple. I can find the source 
to the libglu library, but it is spread out in three directories. I 
assume I need to build the objects in all those directories into the 
final library?

Also where are the public OpenGL header files in the SI? I can't seem 
to find them anywhere...


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