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[ogl-sample] Problems Building Xfree86 using Quick Recipe

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Subject: [ogl-sample] Problems Building Xfree86 using Quick Recipe
From: Andrea Wadell <awadell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 19:17:48 -0500
Organization: Foliage Software Systems, Inc.
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   I've been following the QUICK RECIPE that came with the Sample 
Implementation in the README.1ST file. I have the SI tree built.  I then 
ran gmake tools_install and gmake distsi to export the files. I noticed 
that several files were reported missing - notably the Imakefile in 
..../glcore, but also some .c and .h files. I checked on your source tree 
on your web site and didn't see these files either. The make of Xfree86 is 
complaining about the missing Imakefile (among lots of things...). I'm 
running on red_hat 6.1 and the 3.3.6 version of xfree86 which I just 
downloaded this week.

  Are these missing files a problem?  In the README.1ST, it says to include 
libdixGL.a and libGLcore.a in the XFree86 build. I manually put them in 
xc/programs/Xserver/GL and GL/opengl.  This didn't help my build any, 

  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Andrea Wadell

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