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[ogl-sample] Trouble with generated makefiles

To: "'ogl-sample@xxxxxxxxxxx'" <ogl-sample@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ogl-sample] Trouble with generated makefiles
From: Andrea Wadell <awadell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 15:52:09 -0500
Organization: Foliage Software Systems, Inc.
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   I'm trying to build the sample implementation following the Quick Recipe 
in the Jan 25  release notes.  I'm on Linux (redhat 6.1) and using X11 
3.3.6.  I'm having problems with the generated makefile that ends up in 
$TOPDIR/gfx/lib/opengl/drivers/DDX.O.  gmake gives me errors such as 
"missing" or "invalid" separators when it tries to run this generated make 
file.  I have fixed some problems already - it looked like the single and 
double quotes in the generating GNUmakefile (at $TOPDIR/gfx/lib/opengl) 
were not being interpreted properly.  But I'm wondering if there isn't a 
particular shell/settings I should have. I'm new to linux as well as 

I appreciate your help.
Andrea C. Wadell

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