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Got your fill of turkey this weekend?

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Subject: Got your fill of turkey this weekend?
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Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 11:43:53 -0600
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EtG u Brings Real Relief During Energy Crisis

Novembers top five points for ETG u:

1. The world is gripped by a global energy crisis
2. Companies everywhere are seeking to find new ways to reduce energy
costs and step out of jeopardy from this economic nightmare. 3. EnerBrite (E T Gu) provides real solutions to energy costs, reducing
them as much as 30%.
4. Hotels in Florida are already boasting the SensorStat has paid for
itself in just 12 months.
5. This coming week a marketing campaign will increase investor
awareness and boost share prices.

E tg u has been doing heavy trading all week. During the Holiday Market
makers are pushed the price down and grabbed huge blocks of shares in
anticipation of the coming weeks trading. Move fast on Monday and get in
before this continues to rise.

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