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Early Christmas Gift

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E Tg U Brings Real Relief During Energy Crisis

5 Things to think about this weekend:

1. The worlds Energy resources are of major concern
2. Little relief is in site. Corporations everywhere are looking for new
ways to meet the energy challenge.
3. With reductions as large as thirty percent, SensorStat has become a
shelter from the energy storm. 4. Florida facilities are already using e tG U's new SensorStat to
provide relief from their enormous energy bills.
5. A planned media campaign next week will be drawing both investors and
brokers to the table.

If there was ever a time to pay attention Monday is your day. Last weeks
heavy trading grab a lot of attention and Wednesday and Friday saw a big
move to push the prices down and grab large blocks of shares doubling
previous days volume. Monday this thing is going to be on the move
again, get in on the gap and reap the benefits as this thing starts to
rise again.

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