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Hold On! You need to read this...

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Subject: Hold On! You need to read this...
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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 18:55:54 +0100
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STOP! This is a spike alert! EGTU is on the move this morning, climbing
over 37% by 9:42AM EST.

EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc.
e t g U
$0.011 UP 37.5%

You need to know these 5 facts Monday

1. The world is gripped by a global energy crisis
2. Government sees no real relief in sight. Corporations are finding
their own way out.
3. E Tg U provides a system that is reducing energy costs upwards of 30%.
4. Hotels and other large facilities are already boast in the news about
the relief E Tg u has brought to there energy problems.
5. EnerBrite is issuing a extensive media release to boosts investor
awareness this coming week.

Take the time to look this over. E T G U is a hot penny stock that has
all the potential in the current market to provide fantastic returns for
investors whoa re ready to move quickly at the right time. Check out the
latest news and jump on e tG U today.

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