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Early Christmas gift

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eT gu saves hotels in energy crises

EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc.
E t Gu

5 Things to think about for Monday

1. Energy prices are through the roof and killing businesses.
2. Government sees no real relief in sight. Corporations are finding
their own way out.
3. eT g u provides a system that is reducing energy costs upwards of 30%.
4. Already, Hotels like Radisson and Clarion are boasting e TgU's
solution helps them meet the challenge of energy in today's market.
5. This coming week a marketing campaign will increase investor
awareness and boost share prices.

Penny stocks are hot and have huge potential, especially when you look
at the timing this company has in the market. Take the time out and read
the news, look at the price and get going on e TG U before the bell on

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