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E tgu has bright future as they provide haven from energy crisis

EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc.
e Tgu

5 point you should be on top of

1. The energy problems of the world are killing business left and right.
2. Governments are yet to provide real relief forcing business to find
solutions themselves.
3. ET G u provides a system that is reducing energy costs upwards of 30%.
4. Facilities such as Radisson Hotel and Clarion Hotel are boasting
EtGU's SensorStat having helped them meet the energy crisis.
5. e tG U is launching a huge media campaign to increase investor
awareness next week.

E t Gu is a penny stock that has the easy potential in light of recent
releases to climb hard and fast. Investors who get in early maximize
their potential returns. Read the recent news and get on eTgU first
thing Monday.

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