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Gold prices soar and so does HPGI

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Subject: Gold prices soar and so does HPGI
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Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 05:44:06 +0100
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Gold Resource Newsletter
HPGI is up 20% today as investors move for safe haven from falling

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.20 UP 20%

Gold prices are climbing twice as fast as last years predictions. Lack
of exploration in the 90's has caused a depleted gold supply and the US
dollar has pushed investors to a more secure investment.

A gold rush is now in effect in Suriname as large deposits having been
discovered and the rush to mine them is at full speed.

Hemisphere Gold Inc has recently announced findings of rich gold
deposits in Suriname. This is on their 720 sq mile property right in the
middle of the largest gold mines in the Suriname gold belt.

Essential Things For Your Consideration

1. Gold is on a steady rise since January of this year.
2. Current global market conditions and demands are primed for a
continued increase in the price of gold.
3. Hemisphere has put together a team of geologists and professionals
that are responsible for some of the largest gold finds in the Guiana
4. Suriname is in the middle of a modern day Gold rush. HPGI's property
is in the middle of one of the highest producing gold deposits in the
5. Gold can prove to be a great financial safe haven during times of
instability in the dollar.

HPGI is launching a huge media campaign concerning the gold market and
there recent discoveries starting next week. The media already out on
this company has already pushed share prices up over 120% in the last 30
days. HPGI needs to be top on your list for your next investment.

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