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Gold Subscriber Weekly Report

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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 14:50:41 +0000
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The Gold Market Update
Gold Belt In Suriname Shows Large Deposits in Modern Day Gold Rush!

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.00

Market annalists predicted gold to hit as high as $800 within 2 years.
Gold has hit $over 800 an ounce in just one year due to depleted gold
supplies and a falling US Dollar.

A gold rush is now in effect in Suriname as large deposits having been
discovered and the rush to mine them is at full speed.

HPGI has a 720 sq mile property right in the middle of the Gold Belt In
Suriname. Cutting edge technology has already revealed rich deposits at
nearly 4 ounces per ton.

Important Points To Remember

1. Gold is on a steady rise since January of this year.
2. Demand for Gold supplies is at a n all time high. Analysts believe
these demands and not only holding but increasing in many areas.
3. Hemisphere's cutting edge technology allows them to maximizing its
ability to find gold deposits while there management skills are keeping
costs under control.
4. Suriname is one of the largest gold rushes in the world right now.
HPGI's claim is in the middle of some of the largest producing mines in
the Suriname Gold Belt.
5. The current gold rush in Suriname is already known and a large
marketing campaign scheduled to launch later this week will bring HPGI
into the lime light.

The decisions you make in the current market need to be wise and
precise. HPGI is the type of company that could very well be a great
safe haven during the current troubled market. Take the time to review
their website and the profiles on ?Stockguru?. It could be the best
decision you make this year.

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