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Warning! Economy Alert For Investors!

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Subject: Warning! Economy Alert For Investors!
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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 08:33:47 -0500
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The Gold Market Update
Investors move into gold to protect investments as US Dollar spirals.

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.00

Low gold prices in the 90's reduced the amount of exploration for new
deposits. Now depleted gold reserves and the spiraling American Dollar
are pushing Gold prices up for investors looking for a safe haven.

A gold rush is now in effect in Suriname as large deposits having been
discovered and the rush to mine them is at full speed.

Hemisphere Gold Inc. has properties sitting right in the middle of
largest mines in what is now known as the Suriname Gold Belt. Advance
stages of exploration have already show rich gold deposits as high as
3.55 ounces/ton.

5 Things You Should Consider

1. Up nearly 33% so far this year, gold is making a powerful Bull Run.
2. Demand for Gold supplies is at a n all time high. Analysts believe
these demands and not only holding but increasing in many areas.
3. Cutting edge technology and careful financial management has taken
this company far. Recent news is showing as high as 3.55 Ounces/Ton.
4. Over 50 Million ounces of Gold has been extracted from the Guiana
Shield. Hemisphere's property is surrounded by gold producing mines and
advanced stage exploration projects.
5. Established relationships with Newmont and IAMGOLD, two of Suriname's
largest gold companies, will be useful during a large strike.

The decisions you make in the current market need to be wise and
precise. HPGI is the type of company that could very well be a great
safe haven during the current troubled market. Take the time to review
their website and the profiles on “Stockguru”. It could be the best
decision you make this year.

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