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Huge Market Move Coming - Make Thousands $$$

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Subject: Huge Market Move Coming - Make Thousands $$$
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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 23:51:00 -0400
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Hello Trader, I'm contacting you personally to tell you about an exceptional signal recently developed. Thus far, since finalizing the testing of the signal in May '07, 24 consecutive winning trades have been issued for The Day Trader and Intradaytrader, and over 113.00% profit from Trading QQQQ Options. All results are Auto Trade Confirmed. The accuracy is so amazing it has astounded our Members. This week, we're going to issue a QQQQ Option Trade that we believe will be a HUGE WINNING TRADE. Will it be CALLS or PUTS ? Is the Market going to take off like a ROCKET or SINK like a brick through water. Our Signal is giving us insight into which direction the Market will move. This is an opportunity to make a lot of money from a small investment. As you already know, Options allow to to leverage your position and limit you risk. This is a fantastic opportunity that only comes around once in a while. Please visit the internet Link below by clicking on it or by copying and pasting the address into your browser web address area. Should you have any questions, please let me know. http://www.takingprofits.com/Perfect-Signal.htm Much Success, www.takingprofits.com takingprofits@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1701 Orande St Wilimigton, DE to be removed, reply with "remove" in subject line
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