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Please Upgrade Your Yahoo! Sponsored Search Marketing Account

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Subject: Please Upgrade Your Yahoo! Sponsored Search Marketing Account
From: "Yahoo! Sponsored Search"<search-marketing@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 17:32:56 -0700
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Account #9156491050 Will Be Upgraded Starting On October 12, 2007

Dear Advertiser,

We just want to remind you that, on October 12, 2007, your Local Sponsored Search account will be discontinued. You will be upgraded to a new Sponsored Search account with geo-targeting1 and other great new features.

Please note the following: In order for us to upgrade your account you need to verify your user/password of your account. Please remember to input your Sponsored Search user and password correctly NOT your email and password.

Please visit the following link to verify your account:


Your Partners at Yahoo! Search Marketing

1 Please note that geo-targeting accuracy is not guaranteed and may vary depending on the level of targeting selected, as well as other factors.
2 DMA® is a registered service mark of Nielsen Media Research, Inc., and is used pursuant to a license from Nielsen Media Research, Inc., all rights reserved

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