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Important Letter From. Mr. Kamen Kyulev.

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Subject: Important Letter From. Mr. Kamen Kyulev.
From: "Kamen .E. Kyulev" <kamen.e.kyule@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:09:28 +0000
Importance: Normal
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Dear Sir / Madam.
I know this is an unconventional way of introducing a business, but if you can take your time to read my letter carefully, You will understand the necessity for my action. I am Kamen Emil Kyulev. I got to contact you through this way because this is the only way i can communicate with people living in other  country which i have in mind to start a new life. I saw your contact email address in a data base and i need your great assistance. I have a profiling  fund which i want to you to help me transfer and  invest in your country but before we proceed i will like to know about you and know more about your country.
I am Mr, Kamen .E. Kyulev. the son of Late Mr, Emil Kyulev. one of the richest man in Bulgaria. and owner of DZI Group Bank in Bulgaria and who was assassinated  by armed assassin on the  26th of october 2005. My father was a prosperous man and he was never involved in any crime during when he was alive he owned many company of which all has been taken away by my step mother and other families.
I am pleading for your great assistance to help me transfer a fund which was deposited in Bank in United Kingdom by my late father. I have been facing some family problem since i lost my father. I am the first son of my father but born of different wife. I have lost my mother for a very long time when i was 5years old and since all this years i have leaved all my life in United Kingdom. but there has been threaten all over the corner from the present wife of my late father all this years and i have chosen to relocate from U K  to your country for security purpose and a better life. that is why i want you to help me transfer this fund in-question. this fund in-question was deposited in a bank in United Kingdom and my name was written in the given document as the next of kin to claim the fund.I have been communicating with the bank all this years to prepare myself and meet with them.
All necessary document of the fund was kept under my care for security purpose . The total amount of  money is £18million Pounds Sterling's. GBP ( Eighteen Million Pounds Sterling's)The deposited Fund is still laying down in the bank (undisclosed for now),  I  will need your full assistance to help me transfer this fund.
All I need from you is to stand as my foreign partner of the above quoted sum and I will arrange for the documentation which will enable transfer of the fund to your nominated account. You will be rewarded with 25%,  5% will be set aside for unknown expenses While 5% will be spent on taxes in your country. I have decided to use my share of this fund to go into any lucrative investment which you will direct me on in your country. because you know much about your country than i do. As soon as I get your willingness to comply through my most private email address: kamenkyulev@xxxxxxxxx  I will give you more details on how we shall proceed. and be informed that everything is 100% risk free. there is no risk to take in this.
Please, as a matter of urgency send to me your information as follows:

(1) Your full name:

(2) Address:

(3) Telephone & Cell phone number
Thank you very much and God bless you.
Await your immediate response to my mail.
Mr, Kamen .E. Kyulev.

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