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Get paid to read email in Singapore.

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Subject: Get paid to read email in Singapore.
From: liance <liance10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 00:03:03 +0800
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Do you agree that you have the right to

- choose the ads you want to receive,
- only read ads that you are interested in, and
- get paid to read those ads?

This program has been a great success in Singapore and is now open to
people from all over the world.

More importantly, this program is 100% free.

Good usernames are taken up fast. Secure your preferred username now at


Yours sincerely,


Disclaimer, THIS IS NOT SPAM.
This is a solo ads where we got your emails from ffa/classified/afiliate
You have requested that we send you promotional ads from time to time.
If you would like to be removed, kindly reply to this email with subject :


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