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Re: [Linux Diffserv] GRED queueing discipline and the file sch_gred.c

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Subject: Re: [Linux Diffserv] GRED queueing discipline and the file sch_gred.c
From: "rahul hari" <rahulhsaxena@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 16:08:56 +0530
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Dear Thomas,
Thanks for the reply. Actually in my experiment, I am implementing 2 queues, in one of the queues, I use the prio scheme of tc and in another I define 3 virtual queues, out of which I want to provide absolute priority to one of the queue over the others (ie, if there is any packet in this queue, it should be dispatched immediately regardless of whatever happens to the other two virtual queues). For the other two virtual queues, I want to apply individual REDs (with different parameters but the average queue length should be equal to the total qave of these two virtual queues) on each but the dequeuing priority should be equal (the dequeuing takes place alternately). Can the current implementations somehow help me with this , or I would have to design this from scratch.


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