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Re: ipw2100: firmware problem

To: James Ketrenos <jketreno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: ipw2100: firmware problem
From: Pavel Machek <pavel@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 00:34:37 +0200
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> >Having a parameter to control this seems a bit too complex to me.
> >
> >How is 
> >
> >insmod ipw2100 enable=1
> >
> >different from
> >
> >insmod ipw2100
> >iwconfig eth1 start_scanning_or_whatever
> >
> >?
> It defaults to enabled, so you just need to do:
>     insmod ipw2100
> and it will auto associate with an open network.  For the use case where
> users want the device to load but not initialize, they can use
>     insmod ipw2100 disable=1
> If hotplug and firmware loading worked early in the init sequence, no
> one would have issue with the current model; it works as users expect it
> to work.  It magically finds and associates to networks, and your
> network scripts can then kick off DHCP, all with little to no special
> crafting or utility interfacing. 

Actually it would still transmit when user did not want it to. I
believe that staying "quiet" is right thing, long-term. And it could
solve firmware-loading problems, short-term...

How long does association with AP take? Anyway it should be easy to
tell driver to associate ASAP, just after the insmod...

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