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Re: iptables breakage WAS(Re: dummy as IMQ replacement

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Subject: Re: iptables breakage WAS(Re: dummy as IMQ replacement
From: Andy Furniss <andy.furniss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 21:18:36 +0000
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jamal wrote:

Things will work once the  "action track" is in place; i.e you would
then say:
"match xxx .. \
 action track \
 action connmark"

OK I would need that to recreate what I do now with IMQ hooked after deNAT so I can see local addresses and use connbytes in prerouting mangle (though that's on my 2.4 I can't get connbytes to work with latest netfilter yet anyway)

If i was to prioritize my time for new actions - how important is this?

Things are OK for me with IMQ - low bandwidth and not many filters seem fine. At high bandwidth/lots of filters it seems problematic - but then most people can use dummy now :-)

I'll have to re-run a test I did recently which was lots of tc filter matches at 8000pps - on egress IMQ was almost as good as directly on eth0. On ingress it was more than 10X worse.

I also wish someone else would start writting some of these actions ;->
Wanna right the tracking one? I could help - wink.

LOL - you'd probably end up writing it all anyway.

I really should try and get into coding more though, apart from a few small hacks I have had no practice with C/kernel stuff.


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