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Re: [PATCH 1/5] r8169: auto detect 32-bit slot

To: Stephen Hemminger <shemminger@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/5] r8169: auto detect 32-bit slot
From: Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 14:47:57 -0500
Cc: Francois Romieu <romieu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Stephen Hemminger wrote:
Change driver to auto-detect when the board is in a 32-bit PCI slot and
avoid setting 64-bit dma mask. The module parameter method is no longer needed.

Signed-off-by: Stephen Hemminger <shemminger@xxxxxxxx>

need to set consistent DMA mask too

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