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Re: iptables breakage WAS(Re: dummy as IMQ replacement

To: Andy Furniss <andy.furniss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: iptables breakage WAS(Re: dummy as IMQ replacement
From: jamal <hadi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 21 Mar 2005 22:31:03 -0500
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Thanks for all your efforts.
I will be back on my regular setup by tommorow evening and should be
able to hopefuly test this. I am going to try:

- latest iproute2 with 1.3.x ipt changes
- i am just gonna jump to iptables 1.3.x - we are going to ignore 1.2.11
and below 
- kernel patches with stats

Issues seen so far - the following dont work:

a) tc filter add dev eth0 parent ffff: protocol ip prio 10 u32 \
match u32 0 0 flowid 1:1 action ipt -j MARK --set-mark
[Actually did you test this?]

b) above with mirred as the next action fails in user space

c) a) with a simple "action ok" is also rejected by the kernel
with "Invalid argument"

Did i miss anything else?


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