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Re: filtering packtes before OS takes care about them

To: Weber Matthias <weber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: filtering packtes before OS takes care about them
From: bert hubert <ahu@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 18:38:00 +0100
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On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 05:16:57PM +0100, Weber Matthias wrote:

> i need a possibility to catch IP4 packets (from ethernet devices) before
> OS' netmodules (IP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, ARP, ROUTE, NETFILTER ...) takes care
> about them and

Why? It helps if you tell us what you really want, or is this a research

The earliest place I know of is with tc filter, but that is a netfilter
hook. So part of netfilter will "see" your code.

What you appear to be asking for is a packet filtering network adaptor?
These exist.

> * to modify packet headers and move packets to interface related output
> * buffers

Sure you want an operating system? 

Good luck!

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