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Re: Acer Aspire 1524WLMi and RealTek 8169 - very slow

To: Francois Romieu <romieu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Acer Aspire 1524WLMi and RealTek 8169 - very slow
From: Richard Dawe <rich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 13:26:25 +0000
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Francois Romieu wrote:

  could you give the patch below some testing ?

Any post-LLTX-revert 2.6.11-rc2-bk should do.

Merge of Realtek's code
- code dedicated to a new phy (spotted by Richard Dawe);
- C+ register fiddling seems required for both RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_{D/E};
- apart from being reserved, register at address 0xe2 is named 'IntrMitigate';
- bump version number.
  A bunch of people do not use the vanilla kernel module simply because
  Realtek's driver has a higher revision number. This is not an issue per
  se but their driver is buggy due to some partial merge of in-kernel code.

Applied to 2.6.11-rc3. It seems to work fine. I've passed ~20GB of data at 100Mbps full-duplex with no errors (compared MD5 sums on files). My data rate test (sftp of Linux kernel source tarball) gave about the same data rate as 1.6LK + PHY patch - ~7.1MB/sec.

It works fine setting the speed & duplex using "ethtool -s eth0 autoneg off speed <speed> duplex <duplex>".

I haven't tested the VLAN or jumbo(ish) frames. Let me know if you'd like me to test those too. Although I'm not sure if I can test jumbo frames with the equipment I have.

One more thing:

With 1.6LK + my PHY patch, I see the message "eth0: PHY reset until link up" every 5 seconds or so, when there is no Ethernet cable plugged in. This is annoying. I think it should only log it once.

I'll repeat my cable removal/insertion tests with 2.2LK later and let you know what I find.

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

"You can't evaluate a man by logic alone."
  -- McCoy, "I, Mudd", Star Trek

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