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Re: [PATCH] Dynamic airo.c patch for 2.6.10

To: Benjamin Reed <breed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Javier Achirica <achirica@xxxxxxx>, netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Dynamic airo.c patch for 2.6.10
From: Jean Tourrilhes <jt@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 10:35:25 -0800
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Benjamin Reed wrote :
> Here is a patch for the 2.6.10 aironet driver that
> will enable dynamic wep keying without resetting the
> MAC. It allows us to use xsupplicant with the driver.
> There are two lines of ugliness (the ones with the 0
> &&) where I ignore the flag that says wether we are
> setting a permanent or a temporary key since
> xsupplicant doesn't use the IW_ENCODE_TEMP flag.

        The IW_ENCODE_TEMP flag only make sense for the Aironet
driver, as for all other hardware the WEP keys are volatile. So, don't
expect this flag to be widespread.
        I would suggest you send a nice little patch to the maintainer
of xsupplicant (and wpa_supplicant as well) explaining the
situation. Enabling this flag should not affect other drivers, and
might actually be a good idea in general.
        Have fun...


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