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Re: where is the proper place for r8169 bug reports?

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Subject: Re: where is the proper place for r8169 bug reports?
From: "Dale E. Martin" <dale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 16:56:07 -0500
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> Typical symptoms: the card works fine until 64 (256) packets are sent
> (received) then "Good bye Charlie".

Yep, that was it.  Recompiled with gcc 3.3 and it seems to be working now,
although it looks like the card is only found on cold boots.

The irony of this, btw, is that linux/Documentation/Changes still
recommends gcc 2.95.3 - even in version 2.6.8, possibly in 2.6.10.  (I
think I saw it in there but I don't have it handy.)

Also, when I first started looking at this, I tried to #define
RTL8169_DEBUG but was getting compile errors.  Should I file a bug about

> If it works, I'll gladly welcome an 'lspci -vx' + complete dmesg for my
> collection.

Attached.  The box says "Zonet Gigabit Ethernet 32 bit Adapter" and "Model

The Linksys card in the lspci output is not connected to anything and I did
not load the tulip module that supports it.  (I was trying to ease
switching back to it since the gigE card kept locking up!)

It looks like the poor 1Ghz C3 in this machine is going to be the
bottleneck for getting good transfer rates over gigabit ethernet ;-)
> Btw, you can test the patch below (on top of 2.4.28, no bad report so far):

What is the intention of this patch?  Is it to handle the 2.95.x issue or
something else?

Thanks for the help!
Dale E. Martin - dale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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