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RE: Intel and TOE in the news

To: Leonid Grossman <leonid.grossman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Intel and TOE in the news
From: jamal <hadi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 21 Feb 2005 08:44:58 -0500
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On Sun, 2005-02-20 at 17:43, Leonid Grossman wrote:
> Andi,
> This is an interesting idea, we'll play around...
> BTW - does anybody know if it's possible to indicate multiple receive
> packets?
> In other OS drivers we have an option to indicate a "packet train" that got
> received during an interrupt, 

Explain what you mean by "packet train". If you mean a burst of random
packets that just happened to arrive back to back, then it is not
useful. NAPI already does a sufficently great job at processing these by
pulling them off the DMA ring and processing to completion.
OTOH, if you mean a train of packets terminating at exactly the same
location i.e related to the same flow, then this would be useful.
I suspect the later would require extreme intelligence that may not
be suited for your NIC. 
This leaves you with only nicecities of spliting a packet into
header/data which may allow for nice gather-scatter techniques. Remains
to be seen (in other words, proof is in the pudding, make it -
experiment and show that it tastes good).


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