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Re: Where Linux 802.11x support needs work

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Subject: Re: Where Linux 802.11x support needs work
From: Roar Bjørgum Rotvik <roarbr@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 08:31:35 +0100
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Michael Wu wrote:
On Tuesday 25 January 2005 11:03 pm, Dan Williams wrote:

One of the big item not mentionned by you is the in-kernel
802.11 stack (native frames and management). If done right, I guess it
would mostly be transparent to you...

You know, I was thinking of it and I just forgot to put it on the list. If you're including madwifi and ipw2x00, we have a grand total of what, 3 or 4 802.11 stacks in the kernel at the same time? (madwifi, orinoco/hermes, ipw2x00, linux-wlan-ng)

Only orinoco/hermes is in the kernel, and that doesn't really have much of an 802.11 stack, since most things are done in hardware. Madwifi has a fairly complete 802.11 stack (ported from netbsd), and so does adm8211. Dunno about ipw2x00.

Do any of these 80.11 stacks (or the upstream linux network stack) have a solution for WLAN cards with 802.11e (QoS extension) with more than one HW/firmware transmit queues?

As you may or may not know WLAN cards implementing 802.11e may have more than one HW/firmware transmit queue (I know of an 802.11a chip with 802.11e extension that have 4 transmit queues in hardware/firmware with different priority).

As far as I know the linux network stack today only have one qdisc queue pr. device (struct netdev), so the driver may only stop/start (netif_stop_queue()/netif_wake_queue()) one queue at a time. This is a problem for drivers with more than one HW/firmware transmit queues, as you can not let a full low priority HW queue block the netdev queue.

Is there an existing solution for this problem, or is an multiqueue-pr-device solution being planned as part of introducing a common 802.11 stack in the kernel?

Roar B. Rotvik

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