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Re: Where Linux 802.11x support needs work

To: Dan Williams <dcbw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Where Linux 802.11x support needs work
From: Michael Renzmann <mrenzmann@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 08:17:10 +0100
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Dan Williams wrote:
madwifi: doesn't seem to implement SIOCGIWSTATS

It does. The SIOCGIWSTATS is used in tools/athstats.c (line 195 in current CVS) for example to get the rssi (via qual.qual).

o Ad-Hoc mode support is quite flaky or absent from most drivers
Low priority for most vendors, firwmares are only lightly tested.
Yeah, I don't expect much to happen here but it would be nice. FWIW, at least madwifi and atmel seem to work OK here.

Madwifi unfortunately has some known problems in Ad-hoc implementation. Someone worked on that, but the patches have not been sent in as far as I can tell.

        Note that various other people have their own todo list. Jeff
also has things he has in minds. I have (few) patches on my web
pages. Driver authors also have their wishes.
True, but I'm not sure how many of those wishes/todo lists are actually well-known or public. I don't really see any great momentum in the Linux 802.11x world, but more a hodge-podge of improvements. I was hoping that the post today could help direct a bit more attention and effort at Linux 802.11x stuff so we could try to clean it up and improve it.

How about setting up a project that cares of finding, defining and implementing such quasi-standards in the Linux 802.11 world? Most things are very WLAN specific, so I think netdev isn't the best place to discuss them. Of course this only works IMO when many (if not all) of the wlan driver authors join in and help out.


Bye, Mike

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