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Re: [PATCH wireless-2.6 0/12] Host AP update

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Subject: Re: [PATCH wireless-2.6 0/12] Host AP update
From: Michael Renzmann <mrenzmann@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 10:09:06 +0100
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(I cutted down the CC list.)

Jeff Garzik wrote:
A key goal I have for HostAP is that portions of HostAP code should be bundled into a generic "lib80211" kernel module, for use by various low-level and "softmac" 802.11 device drivers.

This sentence made me curious... does that mean the efforts which recently have been discussed here (to bring a generic 802.11 stack to the kernel) are going to be replaced by the described goal? Or is it an addition to Vladimir's work?

Bye, Mike

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