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Re: 2.6.9-rc1-bk11+ and 2.6.9-rc1-mm3,4 r8169: freeze during boot (FIX i

To: Francois Romieu <romieu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: 2.6.9-rc1-bk11+ and 2.6.9-rc1-mm3,4 r8169: freeze during boot (FIX included)
From: Hans-Frieder Vogt <hfvogt@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 14:43:34 +0200
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Am Montag, 13. September 2004 01:26 schrieben Sie:
> Hans-Frieder Vogt <hfvogt@xxxxxxxx> :
> [2.6.9-rc1-bk11 r8169 freeze on amd64]
> > Until somebody comes up with a proper solution for this problem, I
> > suggest as a work-around to introduce a parameter so that the DAC can be
> > simply unselected if necessary, as outlined in the patch below.
> >
> > Thanks for any suggestions as to what the problem might be.
> Remove the workaround, apply the attached patch and watch the oops.
thanks for your quick response.

I applied the patch to an otherwise clean 2.6.9-rc1-bk17, but no change to 
previous behaviour:
no oops (BUG_ON not triggered)! System boots up as normal, but just after I 
log in on the console the system freezes, i.e., keyboard does not react any 
more and the system is not accessible via network.
The time from the moment I log in to the time when the system freezes varies, 
but is in the order of 5s.
There is no difference whether NAPI is enabled or not.

My .config and the boot messages are attached to this e-mail.


> If it happens in rtl8169_rx_interrupt(), you may notice that R12 is set to
> 0xbfc. R12 is pkt_len in rtl8169_rx_interrupt. This value is twice too
> high. I have not figured why so far and I'll go to bed.
> Please Cc: netdev and jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx on followup.
> --
> Ueimor

Hans-Frieder Vogt                 e-mail: hfvogt (at) arcor (dot) de

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