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RE: Patch submission for S2io Xframe driver to 2.6 kernel

To: "'Jeff Garzik'" <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Patch submission for S2io Xframe driver to 2.6 kernel
From: "Ravinandan Arakali" <ravinandan.arakali@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 17:42:51 -0700
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Attached are the updated patches. It is designed to work on the latest
kernel. Also, this time the submission is split to 3 patches(they need
to applied in the order mentioned below).

s2io_styling_level1  - Contains
                             a. styling related, function name changes.
                             b. fix for 32-bit systems.
                             c. modified Transmit descriptor allocation
                             d. miscellaneous fixes.
with_napi_level2     - Fixes/tunes NAPI feature
with_2buff_level3    - Adds support for 2-buffer mode.

Please review and get back with your comments.


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Subject: Re: Patch submission for S2io Xframe driver to 2.6 kernel

Ravinandan Arakali wrote:
> Jeff,
> We tried it out with 2.6.7. Can you pls specify the kernel version
> on which you tried and we will send a patch which works for that version.
> We will also send a more detailed description of the changes along with
> that.

Always diff against the latest version of the kernel.  You can find out
the latest version by going to  You'll typically
want the latest snapshot (preferably), or the latest pre-patch.

Standard patch submission format is described at and in

When submitting a series of patches, it is normal patches to depend on
preceding patches.


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