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Re: ENOBUFS and dev_queue_xmit()

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Subject: Re: ENOBUFS and dev_queue_xmit()
From: Alex Pankratov <ap@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 08:39:27 -0700
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jamal wrote:

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 00:56, Alex Pankratov wrote:

I've been poking around rather weird problem today where send()


meaning that the device's queue was stopped. The comment there
implies that only a broken virtual device may end up $here,

How did you end up there with a real phy device?? Are you trying to
circumvent the qdisc subsystem? If yes, you are responsible for how
all this gets handled.

Now that I looked at dev.c code again I ask myself the very same
questions :) I am not circumventing qdisc, at least intentionally,
and I don't do anything fancy with dev->qdisc. It must be a bug
due to some of my changes, ignore the original question. Thanks
for your help.

Is this a known (pseudo?) issue ? ENOBUFS makes much more sense
in this context. I can certainly check interface status (IFF_UP)
on every ENETDOWN to see what's the real cause, but that's kind
of ugly.

Did you mean when no space is left in the ring? Thats different
from ENOBUFF. If not, not sure i see how a driver xmit path gets
involved in kmallocing.
Look at the return code the driver returns. In case of a full ring, it
should return a busy signal and the top layer will retry later.
You dont have to worry about any of that if you are running the std linux semantics, of course. I have a feeling you have attempted to
bypass it otherwise the question becomes: how you even ended in this

I'm pretty sure you're right about breaking the semantics. I'll check
it out, and re-complain if it's not my problem. Thanks again.

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