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RE: [PATCH] abysmal e1000 performance (DITR)

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Subject: RE: [PATCH] abysmal e1000 performance (DITR)
From: "Venkatesan, Ganesh" <ganesh.venkatesan@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 08:44:08 -0700
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Thread-topic: [PATCH] abysmal e1000 performance (DITR)

We are studying the patch and will get back to you once we have a plan
to integrate it into the driver.

Ganesh Venkatesan
Network/Storage Division, Hillsboro, OR

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From: Thayne Harbaugh [mailto:tharbaugh@xxxxxxxx] 
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Cc: Venkatesan, Ganesh; Feldman, Scott; Brandeburg, Jesse
Subject: Re: [PATCH] abysmal e1000 performance (DITR)

I have documented a serious performance problem with DITR in the e1000
driver.  I have sent a patch to the netdev list as well as CC'ed various
people at Intel.  There has been very little response.  I am wondering
who has reviewed the DITR performance problem and what the plans are for
fixing it.

Thayne Harbaugh
Linux Networx

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