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net/ipv4/route.c GC patch: is this insane?

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Subject: net/ipv4/route.c GC patch: is this insane?
From: Daniel Stone <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 01:14:34 +1000
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Hi guys,
Attached is a patch to net/ipv4/route.c (against 2.4.23, sorry) to
combat the 'dst cache full' issue. Essentially, there's a machine that I
have access to (a router) that will report 'dst cache full', and
immediately cease dealing with any IPv4 traffic. I found the attached
patch against 2.0, and forward-ported it to 2.4. As this issue only
crops up randomly every couple of weeks, I can't tell you whether it's
worked or not. All I know is that it hasn't eaten my firstborn so far:
given a quick spin, it seemed to work OK, but whether or not it solves
the problem is a different matter.

I also have /proc/net dumps of the machine from before and after it
died, if anyone wants them.

So, is this patch at all sane?

Please CC me: I don't subscribe.

:) d (to borrow from Michael M: 'hacker, iterant idiot')

Daniel Stone                                              <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
"The programs are documented fully by _The Rise and Fall of a Fooish Bar_,
available by the Info system." -- debian/manpage.sgml.ex, dh_make template

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