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Update FarSync WAN driver in 2.4.25

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Subject: Update FarSync WAN driver in 2.4.25
From: Kevin Curtis <kevin.curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 16:06:16 -0000
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        please find attached a patch to update the FarSync WAN driver in the
2.4 Kernel.  The driver has been updated in the following ways:

1) Provides support for new FarSync cards T1U, T2U, T4U and TE1
2) Provides support for an E1 interface
3) Provides support for a variant of X.21 that allows transmit and receive
4) Provide a raw socket interface directly to the data from the line.
5) Improves performance with less time in interrupts and more in BH's

In the main the only files affected are the farsync.c and farsync.h files,
although there have been some additions to the if.h file.

Please try to include it in the 2.4.25 release.

Never having submitted such a large patch before, let me know if there is
anything I should have done that I haven't.  But I think I remember a mail a
little while back asking for patches to be submitted through you?

Kind Regards

Kevin Curtis
Linux Development
FarSite Communications Ltd
tel:  +44 1256 330461
fax:  +44 1256 854931

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