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Re: 100 network limit

To: Ben Greear <greearb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: 100 network limit
From: Andi Kleen <ak@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 02:03:41 +0200
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On Thu, 28 Aug 2003 14:46:39 -0700
Ben Greear <greearb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Since you can rename devices, that might not work. 

When someone renames eth1 to eth2 and the bitmap  doesn't have eth2 set and 
selects it 
then you can just retry, searching for further free bits.

When someone renames eth2 to eth1 the rename code should just clear the bit
of eth2 before the rename.


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