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Re: TOE brain dump

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Subject: Re: TOE brain dump
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Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 20:48:24 +0200
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jamal wrote:
to nit: Its no longer about routing or bridging, friend. Thats like getting fries at mcdonalds.

1GE/10GE - for $5? I'm first in the shoping queue!!!-)))

  Since I see no reasonable out-come of this discussion I left it.

TOE as I see - since my company utilizes several of them - are too different and too specialized to application/protocols. And yes - price of development/deployment maters too. Linux support for those protocols is inmature. It cannot handle or requirements even software-wise. I'm not talking about timing requirements - linux network in general is not (even soft) real-time.

  My personal flame-meter is out of scale ;-)
  I shall join the discussion back when I will see any real ideas.

> If all you wanted was to do L3 - why not just buy a $5 chip that > can do this for a lot more interfaces? Why sweat over > optimizing L3 routing in a 3K space?

We are doing not a teapot, and high level spec for this code takes around 15 pages.
3k - it is not optimized - we have limit around 2GB ;-)
It just takes only 3k. And it handles some special (read - proprietary) functions too - some bugs of some other pieces of hardware. NPU does all stuff by itself, but sometimes we need to extract configuration information which is direct to us, for example.

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