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Re: Bug? ARP with wrong src IP address

To: "Julian Anastasov" <ja@xxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Bug? ARP with wrong src IP address
From: "Carlos Velasco" <carlosev@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 17:28:27 +0200
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On 24/07/2003 at 14:04 Julian Anastasov wrote:

>       The src IP in the ARP probe is a hint. In most of the
>cases it is ignored. But the receiver has the right to answer
>based on it. You know, the reply is sent to the sender's hwaddr,
>not to the src IP. Also, Linux always replies if the remote host asks
>for IP configured on loopback interface. So, there is no problem.
>If the remote system has your patch, there is also no problem.
>What kind of problems do you see except the loopback IP as sender
>IP? Dropped probes? Unanswered probes?


The problem is more complicated than the simplified setting I have builded for 
describing the bug:
Real setting and meaning of the lo interface is because I'm using IOS Load 
Balancing in dispatched mode on Cisco Catalyst 6500.
This cause packets being sent to a server farm of Linux boxes with destination 
IP the one configured on the loopback interface in all machines.
In the ethernet interface all Linux boxes have diferent IP address and the 
balancing device send the packets through any of these interfaces, choosing the 
"leastconnections" server.
Thus, the load balancing device only change the mac address of the real packet 
on the fly sending it to one of the real servers where it's accepted cause of 
destination IP is the loopback IP address on every Linux machine.

Problem is when the packet go back to the balancing device, as they send ARP 
request with loopback source IP address, that cause Cisco device not to reply 
the ARP request.
I have tried different IOS and Cisco devices, no one reply this ARP request.

As you have stated in your last e-mail I checked the RFC (if I'm not wrong it's 
rfc826) to see if when replying an ARP request the source IP address need to be 
correct and stepped into this:

      ?Is the opcode ares_op$REQUEST?  (NOW look at the opcode!!)
        Swap hardware and protocol fields, putting the local
            hardware and protocol addresses in the sender fields.
        Set the ar$op field to ares_op$REPLY
        Send the packet to the (new) target hardware address on
            the same hardware on which the request was received.

According to this, I think YOU ARE RIGHT and the source IP address should not 
be checked when replying to this ARP Request.

I have setup another setting forcing a windows machine to be the default route 
of the linux box and see if windows OS replied to this ARP request... and IT 

For now, I'm going to contact Cisco TAC and open a case to see if the bug is in 
Cisco IOS.
Will keep you posted about this issue if you want to.

Carlos Velasco

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