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Re: [PATCH] qdisc oops fix

To: jamal <hadi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] qdisc oops fix
From: Manfred Spraul <manfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 17:23:06 +0200
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jamal wrote:

This is a different problem from previous one posted.

Theres a small window (exposed given that you are provisioning a lot
of qdiscs  and running traffic at the same time) that an incoming packet
interupt will cause the BUG().

GFP_ATOMIC will fix it, but i wonder if it appropriate.

This is a 2.4 kernel, correct?

With many rules (~5000 classes and ~3500 qdiscs and ~50000 filters)
the kernel oopses in slab.c:1128.

This check?
      if (in_interrupt() && (flags & SLAB_LEVEL_MASK) != SLAB_ATOMIC)
It's triggered, because someone does something like
   p = kmalloc(,GFP_KERNEL);

I don't like the proposed fix: usually code that calls kmalloc(,GFP_KERNEL) assumes that it runs at process space, e.g. uses semaphores, or non-bh spinlocks, etc.
slab just happens to contain a test that complains about illegal calls.

Trace; c0127e0f <kmalloc+eb/110>
Trace; c01d3cac <qdisc_create_dflt+20/bc>
Trace; d081ecc7 <END_OF_CODE+1054ff0f/????>
Trace; c01d5265 <tc_ctl_tclass+1cd/214>
Trace; d0820600 <END_OF_CODE+10551848/????>
Trace; c01d27e4 <rtnetlink_rcv+298/3bc>
Trace; c01d0605 <__neigh_event_send+89/1b4>
Trace; c01d7cd4 <netlink_data_ready+1c/60>
Trace; c01d7730 <netlink_unicast+230/278>
Trace; c01d7b73 <netlink_sendmsg+1fb/20c>
Trace; c01c79d5 <sock_sendmsg+69/88>
Trace; c01c8b48 <sys_sendmsg+18c/1e8>
Trace; c0120010 <map_user_kiobuf+8/f8>

I don't understand the backtrace. Were any modules loaded? Perhaps 0xd081ecc7 is a module.

I'd add a
   if(in_interrupt()) show_stack(NULL);
into qdisc_create_dflt(), and try to reproduce the bug without modules.


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