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RE: [Question] SMP for Linux

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Subject: RE: [Question] SMP for Linux
From: "Jon Fraser" <J_Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 17:00:51 -0400
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>  Hope to verify this for "kfree-route" test. Did you use oprofile
>  for performance counters?

I used perfctr-2.4.0-pre2 to grab the CPU performance counters.
I was interested in cache invalidates, etc.

I guess I'll try using oprofile to see where in the code I'm really 
spending the time.

>  > I'll repeat the same tests on Monday with 82543 based cards.
>  > I would expect similar results.
>  > Oh, I used top and vmstat to collect cpu percentages, 
> interrupts/second,
>  Hmm top and vmstat doesn't give you time spent in 
> irq/softirq's except for 
>  softirq's run via ksoftird?


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