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Fwd: Question about kernel and IPv6...

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Subject: Fwd: Question about kernel and IPv6...
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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 10:05:50 +0200
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Alan Cox have recommended my to forward my questions to you, hope you will help 

Read the following:

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 Emne: Question about kernel and IPv6...
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To Alan Cox!

Hi Alan,

I am working on a master thesis called ?Internet Protocol version 6?.

In the project I have to setup a test-network for analyzing the RIPng protocol 
etc. I am using four normal Intel PC?s each running Debian Linux, with a custom 
compiled kernel 2.4.19 downloaded from Two of the PC?s are 
running as a software-based router (using Zebra 0.92a-6), and the other is 
separately working as a client and server, respectively connect to router1 and 

My problem is when I try to send an ICMPv6 request via the WAN-link (router1 
and router2) from the client, I not getting any response from server. The 
problem only appears when I try making a connection via the WAN-link, and not 
from router1<->server and router2<->client.

My question is:

- Could a problem be due to a wrong kernel-configuration? (I can attach 
the .config if you are interested).

- What "kernel mechanism" is responsible for routing/transporting data between 
two interfaces? (I think that?s the problem in router1 and router2. Zebra is 
only exchanging the "IPv6 kernel routing information" between router1 and 
router2, and it is working fine).

- What kernel version have most IPv6 features build-in ?? (Maybe a feature is 
missing in 2.4.19. I have read an article about patching the kernel:
ort_4_linux.html, it is necessary?).

I hope you understand what my main problem is ? English is not my primary 

I have got many information from mailinglists, messagesboards and homepages, 
but the main problem is, that those information is conflicting. That?s why I 
writing to the Linux Guru him self. 

Btw. You are doing a very good job with the Linux kernel!

Best regards,

Michael Olsen

Atkins Danmark A/S, Tele 
Pilestræde 58
DK-1112 København K
Telefon: +45 8233 9154
Fax:     +45 8233 9017

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