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Re: [Bonding-devel] Re: Bonding driver unreliable under high CPU load

To: Jay Vosburgh <fubar@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Bonding-devel] Re: Bonding driver unreliable under high CPU load
From: Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 16:15:53 -0400
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Jay Vosburgh wrote:

      Well, now that it's been pointed out to me, that does look pretty
grotty.  It works because MII_LINK_READY is defined to be 4, and the return
from bond_check_dev_link() is always a bitwise test against MII_LINK_READY,
so it works.  Could be cleaner, though.

Yep. Sounds like you also might want to replace a non-standard constant (MII_LINK_READY) with its standard constant from linux/mii.h, BMSR_LSTATUS, too, if you are going to use it like this.

      As far as netif_carrier_ok() goes, is it reliable?  In looking at the
drivers, it appears that some don't update the flag (e.g., 3c59x.c).

No. Only some drivers implement it at present -- though all should. Patches to fix up drivers to use netif_carrier_{on,off} would be very welcome. There are several examples in-tree to emulate...


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