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TCP MD5 signature option (RFC2385)

To: netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: TCP MD5 signature option (RFC2385)
From: Frank Solensky <solenskyf@xxxxxxx>
Date: 25 Jan 2002 20:44:48 -0500
Sender: owner-netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
I noticed that Linux stack doesn't currently support for RFC2385 (MD5
signatures for TCP packets).  This could be useful for the zebra project
for authenticating BGP connections with other implementations.

I checked various list archives and didn't see any mention of work being
underway on this -- what's the best way for me to proceed, download code
and just start implementing?

Also: any preference as to what the API should look like?

Let me know if this should go to linux-kernel list or elsewhere.
                                -- Frank

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