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IPv6 over slip

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Subject: IPv6 over slip
From: Patel Hemang-QA4383 <Hemang.Patel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 19:55:35 -0600
Cc: Patel Hemang-QA4383 <Hemang.Patel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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        We are trying to run the MIPL and IPv6 stack with the SLIP 
interface(sl0) in LINUX.   The router is sending out Router Advertisements, but 
the IPv6 stack does not seem to pick up the router advertisements.  When we do 
a tcpdump -i sl0 ip6 -R, it prints out the hex dump of the router 
advertisement, and that is in line with the standard.  But somehow the router 
advertisement is not picked up by the IPv6 stack and thus the MIPL code, also 
Ethereal shows an "unknown ip packet" type.  What changes do you have to make 
to the IPv6 and the MIPL code to get it to listen to the router advertisements 
and communicate over the sl0 interface?

I am able to get the sl0 interface to work, and I am able to ping(IPv4) from 
it.  But I don't see any BU or RS being sent out through the sl0 interface, 
although the kernel log indicates that those messages are being sent.

Also what is the main ".c" file, where in I can put the debug statements to see 
that the IPv6 stack is receiving the router advertisements.  We need to know 
where the packets get dropped between the slip interface and the IPv6 stack and 

Hemang Patel

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